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Bissell Green Machine

 August 2017 update

Introducing about bissell big green carpet cleaner

Forget hiring the professionals when you have the Bissell Green Machine Carpet Cleaner. The deepest stains are easily removed as the Pro Heat system creates the steam that with the help of the rotating turbo brushes will dig right down into the fibres loosen the most ingrained dirt. It’s neat little size means that it is highly portable and easy to move to wherever the most persistent stains are. You can use it on most fabrics in your home including the upholstery and a hose is included to make that job easier, and if that isn’t enough you can use in your cars and caravans quickly and fuss free. Easy to use you need not worry about stains occuring ever again as you have just the thing to remove them. Extremely popular the Green Machine will leave your home smelling fresh and clean after use.


If you need to clean a large area it may be a bit of a strain on your back, but if you stay on top of the stains as they occur, you will be able to keep your carpets looking spotless at all times all it takes is a little Green Machine. Highly recommended if you want to get the same results professional carpet cleaners get, this machine can do that and if your care for your expensive carpets with the help of this carpet cleaner there is no reason your carpets can’t last a life time.

Bissell 499A Little Green this fantastic bottle of solution is specifically designed for carpets, upholstery and the interiors of cars. This low foaming concentrate has been exclusively formulated to quickly cut through spills and soiled areas lifting spots and leaving the fibres of your carpet clean and refreshed with a light pleasant scent.

Especially formulated for all Bissell compact carpet cleaners will work in Spot Lifter, Spot Bot and the Spot Scrubber.


Pet Stain And Odor Remover


Bissell 799A Pet Odor and Stain Removal Formula is again specially formulated for use in compact/portable deep cleaning machines for fast, effective deep cleaning pet stain removal. This formula quickly penetrates deep into fibers to remove tough pet stains and eliminate odors. This solution will safely deep clean stain resistant carpets, your precious upholstery, and water-safe fabrics.

Its patented odor elimination technology quickly penetrates and surrounds carpet fibers to loosen tough pet stains and eliminate odors. Pet Odor and Stain removal formula deodorizes to refresh carpet and fabrics with a light, clean scent and dries quickly leaving carpet and fabrics soft and fresh. It is formulated especially for all Bissell compacts; ideal for the Little Green, Spot Lifter, Spot Scrubber and SpotBot.